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Doctor Who – Robot of Sherwood Screencaps

doctor who robin hoodAbsolutely kickass episode delivered by Gatiss tonight – this is what happens when Moffat steps back and lets someone else have a go at it

It was fun, it was funny, it was the kind of loopy, rambunctious, light-hearted fun that Doctor Who used to be more frequently before they kept Moffat on too long and all his worst tendencies came out.
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Doctor Who – Deep Breath Episode Screencaps

doctorwhodeepbreathtardis I’m a little late posting these, but I wanted to do a screencapture post of the premiere episode of season 8, because it did have some lovely visuals. The above shot especially is a favorite, as it looks like something out of Firefly or every other space story, and sometimes I lose the sheer wonder of the TARDIS being not just a time-traveling machine but also a spaceship.

Also, favorite line from the episode?

“You’ve redecorated….I don’t like it.”

I liked the episode, but thought it was underwhelming, and agree with Christopher Campbell’s review at Film School Rejects. Capaldi’s faces, though, are aces.
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Caffeinated Links: Peter Capaldi, Disable Youtube Ads, Mayer


23 Reasons to Love Peter Capaldi RT Buzzfeed

This took 10 seconds and actually worked. Love. Disable Ads on YouTube With This Simple Command, RT Lifehacker

Mayer’s crime wasn’t prejudice, it was hubris. When he subsequently came down with a throat condition that threatened to rob him of his voice and prematurely end his career, Mayer’s post-interview punishment seemed to take a biblical turn. RT Grantland

“I didn’t do it for awhile because I didn’t think that I could do it. Until Short Term 12, I didn’t find myself all that interesting. I sit with myself all the time, it’s really hard, I think, for any sort of person with an intelligence to look in the mirror and say, yeah, aren’t I great enough to be followed around for twenty days and then make a movie about it? And with a movie that’s in so many ways so subtle and a character that’s so subtle, I think it was hard for me to grasp that that would be worthy of a film, I guess.”  FSR Interviews Brie Larson

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