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Caffeinated Book Review: ‘The Rosie Project’, A Romantic Comedy

rosieprojectThe Rosie Project

Such an unexpected delight, Graeme Simsion’s novel is a fast-paced, surprising read as unconventional as its narrator, the OCD, brilliant genetics professor Don Tillman. Keep pace with him as he hilariously – with vulnerability and flashes of self-awareness and humor – attempts to find the perfect wife, while also solving a mystery for the unconventional Rosie who keeps popping up in his life. The straightforward narrative and dialogue will draw in non-chic-lit readers while romance fans will be charmed by the ebb and flow of a romance told from a male perspective. So fun and cleverly written, I hugely enjoyed the side discourses on genetics, psychology, and cocktail mixing – a novel with a brain. This is being adapted into a film (Jennifer Lawrence was originally attached to play Rosie but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts) which I’m very excited to see it when it’s ultimately released.

Book Review: A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

wallflower christmas

You, me, chiclit…and how I stopped reading chic lit.

Seriously, after reading this over the weekend, I think I may have officially outgrown adult romance.

A Wallflower Christmas

I have generally very positive feelings about Lisa Kleypas. I’ve read quite a few of her books in the past (when I was still reading chic-lit) and while her books were a little too sex-drenched they were always light, breezy, witty, with some good touches of emotional depth and genuine affection and convincing compatibility between the leads.

This? Is tripe dressed up in pretty clothes. First off, notorious bachelor Rafe Bowman, just-arrived in London to have an arranged marriage with a pretty noblewoman, meets, and instantly finds insanely sexy, the average-looking Hannah, his intended’s paid companion.

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