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Caffeinated Links

  • C. Booth is one of my favorite skincare lines. I’ve been using their tea tree oil toner on my face every day for the past week and a half and it has cleared up my skin straightaway. (Not that while I like C. Booth, I don’t think this effect is specific to just their product; rather it’s sold me on tea tree oil in general)
  • TIME talked to the man who revised U.S. dietary guideline for 5 tips on eating healthy
  • Writers, when you get discouraged, never forget that the The New York Times said of Steinbeck during his lifetime: “limited talent is, in his best books, watered down by tenth-rate philosophizing.” Steinbeck never published another work of fiction and died 6 years later
  • These Korean Engrish signs are gold, particularly “If you want to ride again, pleas reenter after existing”

And finally, Natalie Tran of Lonely Planet went to the world’s smallest country..Monaco

Korean Broadcasting Networks

There are three top national South Korean broadcasting networks:

SBS-Seoul Broadcasting System, which has carried such famous dramas as My Girl, Sandglass, Iljimae and Cain and Abel.

MBC-Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(“munhwa” means culture) which is famous for its dramas and comedies and has carried dramas such as Thank You, The First Shop of Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam-Soon, and Time between Dog and Wolf. It has two American branches, MBC America and MBC-D.

KBC-Korean Broadcasting Company, the biggest of the three, most well-known for lavish historical dramas. It’s public whereas the other two are private. Has carried dramas such as Full House, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, I’m Sorry I Love You, Hong Gil Dong, and Boys Before Flowers.

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