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Grocery Shopping

17 words for Wes Anderson: Suddenness

“I like to look for things no one else catches.” – Amélie

Photo by Dina Balenko

Color: Gary Pepper Girl

Gary Pepper Girl, the blog of model/stylist/Renaissance-woman-extraordinaire Nicole Warne, is one of those high-end fashion blogs I only occasionally check into because her life makes me unhappy with mine and my life is actually full of good things. Having said that, I do love the colors and the lady is amazing.

color sunflowers

Ann Street Studio: Colorburst Photoshoot with Paule Ka

Ann Street Studio is one of my favorite photography blogs, chronicling mostly the world of high-end fashion and photography in New York City. The photoshoots embody the essence of elegance and as a bonus, often drip with color. Below are a few snapshots from a recent favorite.

All clothing & accessories by PAULE KA as modeled by Jenna Kelly


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Crave List: Two-tone Jacket

twotonejacketCraving this gorgeous two-tone jacket. A hunt for it has been started but no hits yet…chime in if you know where it’s from!


Fashion Hunter: Manon Bis

If it seems like most of my favorite design destinations are Australian, well that’s because they are. Manon bis is wildly out of my price range but has goods that are so perfect that it almost hurts (in only good ways). They have gorgeous items from craftsmen and design lines all over the world, from Mongolia to Italy. From the website – “Since opening its doors in 2004, Manon bis has become the destination for the latest international collections of designer fashion, accessories, heavenly fragrance, homewares and European antiques.” This time, however, it was some of their apparel that drew me in.


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Style Maybe: Chanel

I’m usually a little ambivalent about Chanel, but this coat from Chanel’s spring connection is stunning – colorful and striking and functional and boho. chanelspring



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