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The Bird and the Cloud and the Too-Small Girl

The bird who turned white from trying to love a cloud

so hard she almost misted him into dust

How one day the bird flew to the cloud and said,

“Finally, after years of waiting,

I can’t tell if I love you because you are a cloud

or if I love you because you are made of water

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Kallie Falandays, Nightblock

Ode to Eating a Pomegranate in Brooklyn

When I fall in love again I will have another heart

and a second set of eyes which is one way

to watch the woman you love          grow old

The story of my heartbreak started like this:

someone gave me a key that opens many doors

I traded it for a key that opens only one

I traded that one for another and that for another

until there were no more doors

          and I had a fist full of keys

At any given moment only part of the world is gruesome

There are three pomegranates in the fridge

waiting to be broken open

When I fall in love again

my beloved and I will spit seeds into the street

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-Patrick Rosal in Wax Wing Magazine

Illustration Love: Kenny Park

My discovery of the day is illustrator Kenny Park, who is signed with Shannon Associates who generally have pretty great taste in artists. There’s something so immediately compelling about his work, a touch of broody surrealism and a style of world-building that is simple but just strange enough to draw you in. His latest series is based on Hermes. kennyparkillustration



All images via Shannon Associates

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