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Caffeinated Links: The Civil Wars’ New EP, Black British Accent Sketch, Sleep Research

Before their split The Civil Wars recorded an EP of Elliott Smith tunes to commemorate his passing, and you can now listen to it on NPR prior to its Itunes release on the 11th. RT

Unreality’s Nick Verbook has an on-point reflection on piracy and supporting the art and pop culture we love-

Capitalism is the closest thing we have to true democracy. We vote with our money. If a little video game or indie flick made by an innovative artist comes out and can’t get any financial traction, they go away, possibly never to resurface.

This is why I still buy DVD’s, video games, CD’s, and books. I think of it as donating to the cause. Whenever I can, I try to support the cause. But is particularly taxing for a comic book reader and anime fanatic like myself. Comics are a few bucks an issue and anime series are typically released in pricy box sets. And here I am turning my pockets inside out to find only lint.

Comics in particular have been an issue for me. There are a ton of them out there and it’s nigh impossible to keep up, much less acquaint oneself the classics without devoting yourself entirely to it. This is the medium where I lean on file sharing the most, and feel the worst for doing it. It’s an industry I support as much as I can, but to read an entire run of a comic series is a triple digit investment at least.” RT

Fascinating. An experiment with the human body’s natural sleep patterns. “In a hypothetical future world where Bad Kissingen succeeds in letting all of its citizens and visitors live out their chronotypes, the societal benefits would be huge. The town as a whole would be more creative, happier, and more alert. Social interaction would improve, as would the population’s ability to problem-solve. Chronically tired people often struggle with obesity, immune suppression, and mental illness, so the town’s overall health—both mental and physical—would improve.” RT

The Civil Wars

on-the-verge-the-civil-wars-taylor-swift-adele-AT5BNSP-x-large The Civil Wars…one of my favorite bands, the creators behind the ethereal, heartbreaking Poison and Wine, one of the most tender, gorgeous love songs I’ve ever heard…and the group that made their title a sort of living reality, heading suddenly and with what appears to be some finality into an ending.

The push-and-pull, closeness yet distance required between two people who clearly had some level of personal chemistry and an oceanload of creative chemistry, who toured together, crafted and performed love songs together, yet were not together romantically (Williams’ husband is their manager) – finally destructed.

And while I do not believe that it was personal differences, but largely creative, that severed an intense connection, it is hard not to see an undercurrent of longing, however stifled, in some of their earlier work. Regardless, here’s a look back at earlier, better times, and oddly, these photos capture well the simultaneous closeness and distance between two people, a man and a woman, locked in a creative twosome.

joywilliamspaulwhite joywilliamspaulwhite2

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Caffeinated Links: Best Books of 2013, Marriage Secrets, The Civil Wars’ New EP


Goodreads Best Books of 2013 are out! RT

10 Secrets You Should Know about Marriage – “Communication is the lifeline between two people. There’s no way around it. It will cause you to take responsibility for not just what you say, but how you say it—tone, body language, sarcasm and all.” RT

Amazon is already my favorite place to shop for very nearly everything, and this handy guide from Lifehacker on how to save even more money shopping on Amazon is fantastic. RT

The Civil Wars released their Bare Bones EP today on iTunes, featuring alternate & acoustic versions of songs from ‘The Civil Wars’ RT 

Check out the December Seasonal Shopping List from the Free People blog RT

The Civil Wars – The One That Got Away

New single from The Civil Wars’ upcoming album!

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