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Poetry: Lilies of the Field

When did the phenomena melt together, fused by expectation?
There are a thousand perfect poems in the fields. As a child,

I would gather samples — flowers, seeds and leaves, each one
poetic and complete, mysteries of form and wonder, pattern

and proportion. I took my own sustenance for granted, gave
no thought to need. When did my sight become constricted,

these open apertures grow narrow, restricted to seeing things
I understand, for which I have a purpose? When did the fields

become a flat expanse of un-mowed green? Look there!
In that field! I am too grown-up — I see nothing.

(from Returning to Awe, Balkan Press, 2014)

-Laura M Kaminski, The Poetry Storehouse 

Lilies of the Field Motion Poem

Extraordinarily beautiful video by Marie Craven for The Poetry Storehouse, of a poem by Laura M Kaminksi

Lilies of the Field from Marie Craven on Vimeo.

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