Candle Review: Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Votive


I’m mildly obsessed with candles, so every few months I buy a new fragrance to try out. Recently, that fragrance was Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Votive. I’m a fan of Pacifica overall – they make relatively inexpensive perfumes, bath and shower products, and the recently expanded to beauty products, and feature a range of unusual and exotic scents tied to those products. I’m a big fan of their Tuscan Blood Orange perfume, which is a heady scent that manages to be both spicy and sweet at the same time (full review another time). So obviously I bought a set of 6 Tuscan Blood Orange candles with high hopes.

Alas – this temptingly named, visually appealing candle (made of deep red candle wax) – has almost no scent at all. Believe me – I tried lighting it multiple times, wondering if perhaps I’d been mistaken the previous times, had adapted to the scent too quickly, anything of that sort. No – the scent this candle gives off is a nice smell- fairly similar to the perfume, a sort of rich, orange-ey scent – but is is almost nonexistent. I had to put my nose right up to the candle – about an inch away – to be able to smell the fragrance at all, and this was both when it had been burning for 5 minutes and when it had been burning for 2 and a half hours. This was an utter waste of money and, while I will continue to buy Pacifica perfumes occasionally, I have no intention of ever buying Pacifica candles again.

Verdict: Lose it!

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