Caffeinated Links: Books and You, Everything You Need to Know about Guardians of the Galaxy


Gorgeous, gorgeous piece from ThoughtCatalog on the love of reading. “When others are drawn to selfishness and cruelty, and everything seems bathed in shades of vapid grays, I hope you grab for a book. Find the color, find the light, and remember what it means to be right, what it means to be real, what it means to be you.” RT

io9 has absolutely everything you need to know about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer (and by extension, film). RT

Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall reviews NBC’s ‘About A Boy’ and calls it a watered-down take on on the Hornby book and film RT

And NPR’s Linda Holmes turns in her usual nuanced, thoughtful review and comes to the same conclusion as Sepinwall. “The least helpful thing you can do with an adaptation of a book (or film) made by intelligent, capable people is to sniff, “Not as good as the original.” After all, when a property is as adored as About A Boy, it can take a while for anything else to feel quite as good, and presumptive skepticism is a regrettably simple opening gambit. But what’s problematic in this adaptation is not that the TV show has not brought along the quality of the book and film, but that it has not brought along the qualities of the book and film.” RT

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