Recommended Viewing: Taiwanese Romance Fall In Love with Me

Fall in love2

I impulsively started watching recent Taiwanese drama Fall in Love with Me last week, and was swept away by it. This drama is fast-paced, romantic, and completely charming.

Aaron Yan is Lu Tian-xing, a cold, fairly repressed ad executive (CEO of his own multi-million dollar company) who, sick of his current existence, decides to take an extended vacation and live as an average person for a while. He crosses paths twice with Tao Le-si, both times as his average-person alter ego Xiao Lu, and impulsively decides to join her small ad agency because the company’s first ad, filmed by Le-si’s now-deceased brother, was the original inspiration for his career choice.

The plot sounded unoriginal – we’ve had several other dramas with identity-swap plotlines –  but it’s never been handled so well before. Because of the setup, we get to see Le-si romanced twice – once by the warm, incredibly supportive, charming friend she falls for (Xiao Lu) and has many intimate moments with, and once by the demanding, arrogant, sparks-flying, aggressive figure who reluctantly falls for her and rescues her from both physical and professional situations. So basically we get both the traditional drama romantic lead (cold, arrogant, obsessive once in love) and the traditional second lead (always present, down to earth, supportive, understanding) – and we get them both in one person. And both – both, my lovelies, are played by His Hotness Aaron Yan. This drama is so, so much better than the awful mess that was Show Luo/Rainie Yang’s Hi My Sweetheart, which also featured a leading man with a double identity.

All of which is to say – it’s a deeply lovely, warm-hearted, well-paced drama. It’s currently airing and has the first 8 episodes out.

Fall in Love with Me

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