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Things To Do On Valentine’s Day Instead of Watching Fifty Shades of Grey

Anna-Kenrick-The-Last-Five-Years-Movie1. Go see The Last Five Years instead. It’s an unabashed romance starring the adorable Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan who can sing. Without having seen either, 10,000 times more romantic than Fifty Shades.

2. Gaze at your wife, girlfriend, or significant other, and ponder how you have not, in fact, ever slapped her, threatened her, or tied her down in order to have sex with her.

3. Go on a freaking picnic. Find a nice hill where you can talk to your significant other as if though she’s an emancipated human being who can walk upright and has a brain and a heart.

4. Read these Fifty Shades of Grey quotes – handily put on posters of the film by The 6th Siren for your amusement and edification – for all the E.L. James you’ll ever need.

fifty shades of grey quote movie poster

5.  Realize that the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey actually don’t like each other. “The most glaring problem with the press blitz—currently several months underway, though the film will not be released for another two weeks—is also the most damning for the upcoming film: Simply put, romantic leads Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan do not like each other. They dislike other things as well—the press; sex; the film in which they are starring—but it is clear their distaste for each other is the most keenly felt of all.”  The Disastrous Fifty Shades of Grey Press Tour

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Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer!

All the Videos You Need to Watch Today

Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Game Day Ad Newcastle Almost Made:The BEST of Anna Kendrick – and she’s already quirky and hilarious in everything.

With all the perfectly on-spot, over-the-top humor we’ve come to associate with OldSpice, Jaguar this time revs it up with Britishisms, one-liners, and fast cars and planes.

And of course, The Fault in Our Stars trailer. This John Green story is so much more bitingly funny and achingly raw and um, funny than any Nicholas Sparks story, but if the mainstream turns out to see it, it will be for the acting because this looks like a Sparks film.

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