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Korean Drama Review: Emergency Couple

emergency couple

Emergency Couple is a fantastic drama, fast-paced with incredible romantic nuance and an aching, so-real-it-hurts chemistry between leads Song Ji-Ho and Choi Jin-hyuk. Medical dramas always sound boring, but I’ve discovered over years of drama-watching that in fact they’re wonderful fodder for romance, mainly because it sets up the leads to work together in a high-stakes, dramatic environment in which they are constantly forced to interact.

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Kdrama Review: Iron Man/Blade Man starring Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung

ironmankdramareview The most puzzling thing about this slightly odd drama is that it’s not based on a manwha. It seems tailor-made to have been based on one of the melodramatic, romantic manwhas that are so often the rage in Korea and Japan. And yet it’s an original creation from screenwriter Kim Kyu Wan – to which all I can say is, you got grit, to break from the tailor-made drama template most screenwriters use in this way. Kim Kyu Wan tends to write problematic dramas with a lot of potential, like Cinderella’s Sister and Robber. Iron Man centers on Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook), the oddball CEO of a hugely successful game company (video games, not board games). A chance encounter with Son Se Dong, an aspiring game designer, and the unexpected appearance of a young son he didn’t know existed, turns Hong Bin’s world upside down.

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Rich Man, Poor Woman Review and LOTS of Pictures


I watched Japanese drama Rich Man, Poor Woman a few weeks back, and it was a sweet but unexceptional romance. Oguri Shun is Hyuga Toru, a Steve-Jobs-esque tech genius who has founded his own company and graced multiple magazine covers before his 30th birthday. His fledgling IT company is off the ground and he’s looking for the next exciting innovation that will change the quality of human lives. Ishihara Satomi meanwhile is Sawaki Chihiro,  a recent college graduate who has done absolutely everything possible to make herself an ideal job hire for businesses, but who faces an overwhelming amount of competition in a crowded job market.

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