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Art Love: Andrew Atroshenko

I have a weakness for impressionistic paintings of female figures (see my previous highlight of Msistlav Pavlov), and contemporary Russian romantic painter Andrew Atroshenko hits all of my affinities. The explosions of color, the emphasis on light and movement in the foreground and a background of deep, bold, muted earthen tones…just gorgeous. See more work here.

“Passion of Music”andrewatroshenko violin“Ballerina”


“Into the Light”into-the-light-atroshenko

Mstislav Pavlov

I’ve featured a painting of Russian painter Mstislav Pavlov‘s before, and just have to say I am deeply in love with his work. The bright bursts of color and especially the way he uses form and movement to create a sense of energy, or, in the case of the last painting, a mood – exquisite. And of course I love that he focuses on female figures. He spans a whole range from dreamy and wistful to bold and nearly frenzied in the brushstrokes. Just gorgeous.


Mstislav Pavlov (53)

Mstislav Pavlov (7)

Adorning by Mstislav Pavlov

Gorgeous. By Russian Impressionistic painter Mstislav Pavlov.
adorning mstistav pavlolv

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