Drama Quotes

“Just smile and there’s nothing you can’t overcome” – Smiling Pasta

“If wishes do really come true…can love be forever?” – Smiling Pasta

“Yet they say it’s a woman’s heart that’s hard to grasp? I think it’s a man’s heart that never speaks directly! It always bends here and there, and twists and turns. Inexplicable!” – Smiling Pasta

“You have the world’s most beautiful heart” – My Lucky Star

“I am most afraid of being alone. That is why I do so much for others. ” – Sweet Relationship

“Why does love always let people fall into the abyss?” – Love Storm

“Let’s pray that in our next life…we don’t love each other” – Goong

“We have only one heart for one person. If you’ve given it to someone, you’ll have none left for others.” – 1% of Anything

“Remember, take care of yourself. Men shouldn’t be afraid to fall. Just stand up when you do. Men shouldn’t be afraid to encounter dark moments. But rather be afraid when the soul has no sunlight”-Wish to See You Again

“There are two kinds of regret in this world. One is losing the person you love. The other is seeing your beloved lose happiness.” -Huaze Lei in Meteor Garden 2

“You broke my heart, tissue won’t fix it” – 200 Pounds of Beauty

“Being ordinary gives you the greatest power. Don’t ever give up. ” – Fated to Love You

“One day the body asked the heart.

‘When I’m hurt the doctor heals it. But if you’re hurt then who will heal you?’

Then the heart said,

‘I have to heal by myself. Whenever someone is hurt they have their own special way of healing it. Drinking, singing, anger, laughing, crying, going on trips with friends and talking with them, running in the marathon, or the worst thing, just ignoring that pain. “
-My Name is Kim Sam-Soon

“01-Nice men are ugly
02-Handsome men are not nice
03-Handsome and nice men are married
04-Handsome, nice and unmarried men are useless
05-Handsome, nice, unmarried and rich men are not interested in us
06-Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us are players
07-Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful are homosexuals
10-Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us, faithful, straight and who would not lose interest in us even if we made the first moves – those men must have problems!”

-My Name is Kim SamSoon

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