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Shining Inheritance Episode 20 Recap and Review


(credit for screencap to sodahands at Livejournal)

You know, Shining Inheritance just keeps getting better:) This episode was particularly satisfying because the romance/shippiness between Eun-seung and Hwan has heated up to “simmering” now – below boiling but above warm.


As Eun-seung leaves the house, Hwan runs after and demands why she’s not saying anything, then practically begs her to defend herself. Eun-seung cries back, “If I did, would you believe me?…You wouldn’t believe me anyway” and leaves. Eun-seung goes to stay with Hye-Ri. Hye-Ri, being much less forgiving than her friend, rails at everyone involved and wants to go tell the family the truth. Eun-seung refuses, and next day goes to tender her resignation to grandmother. She, having a spine of steel and unable to believe Eun-seung is all bad, refuses the resignation and tells her no matter what her involvment is in what Seung-mi and her mother said, she should complete her remaining time at Branch 2 and prove to her that she can make it successful. Eun-seung agrees but tells her that she’s absolutely refusing the inheritance now. Eun-seung has a tense confrontation with Seung-mi(can’t remember if this was before or after the conversation with grandmother) and challenges her with “What if Hwan likes me?” and “Are you sure that he promised to marry you?”.

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Shining Inheritance Episode 19 Recap and Review

Another strong episode:) You know, Shining Inheritance had one of the slowest romantic build-ups I’ve ever seen in a drama, pulling us through with tiny, teasing, delightful tid-bits and really great characterizations, but now that the romance finally has hit its stride, it was well worth waiting for. After all that Eun-Seung and Hwan have been through, hurting each other, rejecting each other, tolerating each other, occasionally reaching out and showing the other that they’re a decent person, it’s so frelling satisfying to finally see them seeing each other with new eyes, making tiny, hesitant advances toward having a positive relationship instead of a negative, and the once-an-episode, amazing out-and-out romantic, chemistry-laden scenes that are dished out now and then(the bus scene from last weekend! mm!!). Shining Inheritance isn’t one of those dramas that you want necessarily to go shout from the rooftops and tell everyone to watch immediately(ie Coffee Prince). But it is one of the most thoroughly and consistently enjoyable dramas I’ve seen in a long time, and definitely one I’d recommend that everyone see at some point.

Watch ep 19 on Viikii

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Spring Waltz Recap Episodes 3-5

ep 4 snapshot20090707144314

ep 4 snapshot20090707144636

Spring Waltz is beautifully shot, carefully arranged, filmed in stunning locations around the world and set to hauntingly lovely classical and indie music(Loveholic’s “One Love” is the main theme). It is so sophisticated and restrained, in fact, that I am sick to death of it. Spring Waltz is so consumed with how it looks and feels that it forgets about the part where it’s supposed to draw viewers into the plot and lives of the characters portrayed.

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Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy

Shining Inheritance hit over 40% with its most recent episodes:) I have to say, I’m quite proud of this baby. It’s not exceptional, but it is very very good, and it has all the charm and accessability of a Boys Before Flowers storyline without any of the gigantic screwups/melodrama that dragged that story down.

You know, I personally don’t find Bae Soon Bin’s character Junse compelling at all in this drama, but I’d be excited to see him in other roles. See following picture for proof positive of his um, acting potential.


I thought this sequence of caps was hilarious – the first is an actual scene from the drama and the next is a behind-the-scenes


bl-14Aw. So adorable!! The more I see of the actors behind this drama the more I like them, particularly Lee Seung Gi.

And here, in one cap, is why Eun-seung and Hwan are both meant to be together and the cutest couple ever . Matching expressions!


You can watch online on Viikii

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