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The Mother, HIMYM

by AliceXZ

Caffeinated Links: Greatest Books by Female Authors, Chris Messina Interview, Best HIMYM Finale Reviews


Last year’s smash hit Orphan Black returns to BBC America April 19th. Get excited.

Take Buzzfeed’s Quiz on Greatest Books by Female Authors. I’d only read 30% but it functions as a great to-read list. RT

Chris Messina is adorable. “I guess the preparation was all those episodes and knowing that Danny is really in love with this woman and fighting his fear of relationships and commitment and not wanting to fuck it up, that he makes this kind of charge at her. He had to kind of fight his own fear, because he’s been through a divorce and already screwed up one relationship really big? I love playing Danny Castellano.RT

Fascinating Film School Rejects look at what went wrong with John Cusack. RT

Pajiba’s Courtney Enlow calling it like it is on the HIMYM finale. “What it was was a testament to why you shouldn’t stick to your guns, why a seven-year-old plan might not be the best option, why a whole series dedicated to its characters growing and changing instead ended by not letting the characters grow and actually devolving them where every experience and lesson was completely ignored and spat upon all in the service of this, an ending rendered inane and pathetic by every moment it chose to ignore.” RT

Perfect review from TV.com’s Kaitlin Thomas. “Making television and writing for television is a difficult process. The best writers accept that where they thought they were going at the beginning isn’t necessarily where they need to end up, and they’re willing to alter their storyline accordingly…How I Met Your Mother ran for nine years, and it’s never been more clear than it is right now that they never expected or planned for that kind of success… They had this idea of the perfect show and the perfect ending, and didn’t take in to account that perfection is just an concept, and that life doesn’t always work out the way we plan or hope.” RT

And finally, the inimitable Grantland. “(The scene — filmed early in Season 2, revealing this was always the plan — in which his kids tell him to go after Robin immediately after he gets done recounting the story of his wife’s death is one of the most tonally inappropriate things ever seen in a sitcom of this caliber. It’s like a clown hitting a corpse in the face with a pie.) Never mind that the show got us incredibly invested in Tracy, or that it spent two entire seasons trying to convince viewers that Barney and Robin were a viable couple. The initial plan must never change.” RT

On the HIMYM Finale


Caffeinated Links: Cristin Milioti on HIMYM’s Finale, Guide to Listening to Music at Work, more


The Onion is often funny but occasionally, release something with such biting on-the-nose satire that you don’t know whether to laugh or nod your head. Man Who Treats Women With Respect Asked What His Secret Is RT

Cristin Milioti weighed in on How I Met Your Mother rumors about the mother being dead for the entire show’s duration. Her comments significantly downplay that possibility but don’t dismiss it entirely. And while she calls the Dead Mother idea “insane,” “crazy” and even “so crazy,” it’s worth noting that she never quite refutes/debunks it. In a word, she sums up the March 31 series finale as “beautiful.” RT

Fantastic piece from David Carr at the NYT about the new cultural role of television.  “On the sidelines of the children’s soccer game, or at dinner with friends, you can set your watch on how long it takes before everyone finds a show in common. In the short span of five years, table talk has shifted, at least among the people I socialize with, from books and movies to television. The idiot box gained heft and intellectual credibility to the point where you seem dumb if you are not watching it…

Television’s golden age is also a gilded cage, an always-on ecosystem of immense riches that leaves me feeling less like the master of my own universe, and more as if I am surrounded.” RT

The complete guide to listening to music at work, via Quartz. Fascinatingly, it does count as multi-tasking, and your brain prefers instrumental or classical when you’re working. “It has never been easier to tune in to your own customized soundtrack—or more necessary to tune out your open-office coworkers, cubicle mates, and fellow coffee-shop denizens. But not all music is created equal, especially when there’s work to be done. How should you choose the best office soundtrack for a given task? Which songs will help you get energized, focused, or creative—or even just through a very long day?” RT

The Guardian has had the best online coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. “So when flight MH370 disappeared from plane tracking websites, it could mean the signals from the plane’s transponder were stopped deliberately (by pilots or others), or there was a complete electrical failure, or the plane disintegrated” from this article, and see the complete coverage here


Caffeinated Links: ‘The Mother’, Crepes, Bookstore Windows


Brilliant article on HIMYM‘s casting of “the Mother” – “It is unfortunate that American women are attached to the notion that there is no way that the most enthusiastically long-winded courtship story packaged in the form of an 8-year television show could be based around a perfectly, fabulously, “normal” girl. (To be sure, Milioti’s character, as I’ve mentioned, has proven and will prove to be anything but normal, but I use the term only to suggest that she is outside the norm of what our Hollywood-monopolized imaginations have come to expect for women deserving of a great love). –Cristin Milioti is a Win for Women

Stephen Colbert crowing over his Emmy victory over Jon Stewart is both hilarious and heart-warming RT

Flavorwire has a gorgeous list of 30 amazing bookstore windows around the world. My favorite is the building front with authors’ faces, including Virginia Woolf’s, painted on it. RT

This recipe for crepes with caramelized apples and ricotta cheese looks decadent and I plan to make it soon. RT

Maureen Johnson brilliantly responds to David Gilmour’s assertion that he never teaches women writers-

“To which I say, okay, fine. I get it. Because I know your problem.

Literature is kind of full of assholes.

And that is okay. Some great books have been written by assholes. I am looking at my shelf and it is full of beloved books by known assholes, and that’s fine. Assholism is one of the most common afflictions of literature. Certainly literature and writing programs are full of them. They are like wildlife refuges for assholes.”  RT

Caffeinated Links: Literary Culture, Live-Action Cinderalla


Kenneth Branagh has started shooting the live-action Cinderella movie and I am weirdly excited for it. “It is impossible to think of Cinderella without thinking of Disney and the timeless images we’ve all grown up watching. And those classic moments are irresistible to a filmmaker. With Lily James we have found our perfect Cinderella. She combines knockout beauty with intelligence, wit, fun and physical grace. Her Prince is being played by Richard Madden, a young actor with incredible power and charisma. He is funny, smart and sexy and a great match for Cinderella.”  RT

Slate has a wonderful article on the backslapping insularity of literary culture. “Instead, cloying niceness and blind enthusiasm are the dominant sentiments. Critics gush in anticipation for books they haven’t yet read; they ❤ so-and-so writer, tagging the author’s Twitter handle so that he or she knows it, too; they exhaust themselves with outbursts of all-caps praise, because that’s how you boost your follower count and affirm your place in the back-slapping community that is the literary web.” RT

The CEO of Fast Company swaps offices (and desks) with a startup. “During a catered lunch with the Studiomates, I polled the group to find out how many of them had worked in a more traditional office setting. Eight of the dozen people at the table had. None of them think they will ever go back. Offices, a couple of people agreed, were built to create barriers to new ideas and getting things done.” RT

Bethany Joy Lenz returns to television with a pilot about a songstress! One Tree Hill fans like me are instantly on board. Plus, we need to fill the void left by Bunheads. RT


Liberate has a brilliant article on what binds up broken relationships. “When Babu Bhatt tells Jerry Seinfeld that he’s a “very bad man,” Seinfeld is stunned. ‘Was my mother wrong?’ he wonders. We’ve all been told our whole lives that we can do and be anything we want — in short, that we’re wonderful — and that we just have to overcome those external obstacles in our lives. If we can just fix those people (or remove them altogether from our lives), alter our circumstances, elect a different President, get a new job, and so on and so forth, then — and only then — will we be free and happy. James’ words — that we’re the problem — are horrifying.

Unfortunately, they’re also true.” RT

Finally, Entertainment Weekly has an A-Z Guide on How I Met Your Mother. Time to catch up for you newbies RT

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