Caffeinated Links: ‘The Mother’, Crepes, Bookstore Windows


Brilliant article on HIMYM‘s casting of “the Mother” – “It is unfortunate that American women are attached to the notion that there is no way that the most enthusiastically long-winded courtship story packaged in the form of an 8-year television show could be based around a perfectly, fabulously, “normal” girl. (To be sure, Milioti’s character, as I’ve mentioned, has proven and will prove to be anything but normal, but I use the term only to suggest that she is outside the norm of what our Hollywood-monopolized imaginations have come to expect for women deserving of a great love). –Cristin Milioti is a Win for Women

Stephen Colbert crowing over his Emmy victory over Jon Stewart is both hilarious and heart-warming RT

Flavorwire has a gorgeous list of 30 amazing bookstore windows around the world. My favorite is the building front with authors’ faces, including Virginia Woolf’s, painted on it. RT

This recipe for crepes with caramelized apples and ricotta cheese looks decadent and I plan to make it soon. RT

Maureen Johnson brilliantly responds to David Gilmour’s assertion that he never teaches women writers-

“To which I say, okay, fine. I get it. Because I know your problem.

Literature is kind of full of assholes.

And that is okay. Some great books have been written by assholes. I am looking at my shelf and it is full of beloved books by known assholes, and that’s fine. Assholism is one of the most common afflictions of literature. Certainly literature and writing programs are full of them. They are like wildlife refuges for assholes.”  RT

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